Disabled users and laptop/notebook computers

We often get asked for advice on laptop computers for elderly or disabled users.

Generally speaking laptops are an ergonomic disaster area; the screen is at the wrong height, the keyboard is positioned incorrectly and the built-in mouse is often difficult for people with mobility problems to manipulate.

So you need an external keyboard or notebook riser to raise the screen to the correct height and an external keyboard and mouse to suit your needs. By this time you are probably beginning to think that a desktop computer might have been better after all!

So unless portability is your main consideration, it is probably better in the long run to go for a desktop computer – it is cheaper, lasts longer, can be repaired more easily if it goes wrong and can be adapted more easily for the user.

Brand new program for single handed users

Have come across a program designed for computer users with use of only one hand?

This may be as a result of an accident or condition which has limited or excluded the use of one arm.

There are several keyboards around designed for this:

■Maltron Single Hand Keyboard
■Matias Half QWERTY Keyboard
■Half keyboard
Well now there is a MUCH CHEAPER software option. ALT-Key is a program designed to double up the function of each keyboard key to enable you to work within a much smaller area. Each key has been programmed to have two values with the left overlaying the right hand side of the keyboard and vice versa. So the letter “Q” doubles as both teh “Q” and the letter “P”. The letter “W” doubles as the letter “O” and so on. All you have to do is hold it down.

You can download a free trial at www.alt-key.co.uk and at the moment the software costs just £50.oo.

If this would help you, why not give it a try!

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Disabled users and laptop/notebook computers
Posted on 28/02/2011 by mslyper